15th May 2018 | Uncategorised

Greens: Action at EU level the only way to end Palestinian bloodshed

The Green Party today called for action at EU level to end the bloodshed in Palestine – following a day of horror where at least 58 people, including children, were killed by Israeli forces.
Green Party Councillor Patrick Costello, who previously worked as a Human Rights Observer in occupied Palestine condemned the killings as ‘a massacre’, and said that the time for a softly-softly approach by the Irish Government is over.
Speaking today, he said: “Israel’s actions against Palestinian protesters yesterday should be condemned by all. Massacring at least 58 people – including children, is never justifiable. If Simon Coveney continues to believe that Israel is looking for a diplomatic solution, he is hopelessly naïve. Israel continues to flout international law with impunity because it has never faced meaningful consequences for its actions, the ‘softly-softly’ approach from the Government must end – only real pressure on the Israeli government will bring change. The first step must be to end the Irish Arms Trade with Israel, both our import of military equipment and the export of Dual-Use technology used in weapons. Beyond this initial response the Government should officially recognize the state of Palestine now, and support the Civil Engagement Group’s Bill to outlaw goods from occupied territories.”
Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said that the EU must take a lead role in the Middle East, and counteract the destabilizing affect of the US shift in foreign policy under President Trump.
Eamon Ryan TD said “We need to confront what the United States is doing in the Middle east.  By breaking from the Iranian deal and transferring their embassy to Jerusalem, the US is now acting as a rogue state. They seem intent on stirring war and discord in the region and at some point Ireland and Europe will have to stand up for the preservation of a peaceful international order.
“The Tánaiste and Taoiseach are calling for a diplomatic approach but at some point you have to honestly call out right from wrong. As one of the countries with the closest connections with the US it is time for us to stand up and say their sanctions on Iran will be challenged, their actions in Jerusalem are a threat to us all and cannot be tolerated. It’s time for the EU, too, to stand up to President Trump, to protect European companies from the effects of those sanctions on Iran, and to consider sanctions against both Israel and the US if their reckless, destabilizing, dangerous behavior is not reigned in. We must use our collective influence to put an end to this slaughter.