27th November 2019 | Climate Change, Press Releases

Greens amend Fingal Budget to fund climate action, parking enforcement and motorway noise reduction


Fingal County Councillors yesterday agreed to amend the County’s Budget to provide funding for three particular areas:

  • Climate action. Many of the actions in the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan are marked as “awaiting budget.” The Council decided to allocate a further €320,000 towards these unfunded actions.
  • Noise abatement. The Council’s Noise Action Plan has longstanding actions to provide noise barriers to protect residents near the M50 and N3 from traffic noise. The Council has allocated €50,000 for the detailed study required to draw up the noise mitigation measures.
  • Parking enforcement aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users. At the moment the only parking enforcement which the Council operates is in areas where it has parking charges. The Council has allocated €150,000 for additional parking enforcement.

The measures are to be funded by reducing the rates refund on empty commercial properties from 50% to 40%.

Balbriggan Councillor, and Fingal by-election candidate, Joe O’Brien commented:

“We are responding to the concerns raised with us by the public. The need for parking enforcement to protect people walking and cycling, especially children going to school, is very evident and it is not tenable for the Council to fail to exercise its power to enforce parking law. We have set a clear policy direction in the budget that this enforcement is to be directed at safety of vunerable road users.

“The Climate Action Plan includes important measures to reduce emissions and to tackle the impact of climate change including flooding and coastal erosion. We are committed to finding funding for the Plan and have made this initial allocation of a further €320,000.

“The Noise Action Plans have been in place for a decade and no substantial measures have been taken to reduce noise from motorways and major roads. We have provided funding so that we can start to protect residents health from the impact of traffic noise.”