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28th August 2015 | Uncategorised

Greens Call on Irish Government to show Leadership in Refugee Crisis


Chancellor Merkel is right to criticise the lack of action from the Irish Government

Following one of the most tragic nights yet in the crisis, where hundreds are feared dead off the coast of Libya and over 70 dead in the back of an abandoned truck on a motorway in Austria, the Green Party is calling on the Irish Government to show leadership on the migrant crisis by supporting proposals for a quota based system and to accept a larger proportionate number of people into Ireland.

The Green Party claims that the Irish State is well capable of welcoming far more than the 600 refugees or asylum seekers proposed by Government over two years and that in offering to share the burden of other EU member states that we can encourage other countries to do likewise.

Green Party Environment Spokesperson Cllr Malcolm Noonan said “This an unprecedented human crisis unfolding on European soil and in European waters and it is essential that every member state plays their part in alleviating the suffering of people who have made a perilous trek to find a better life. The German Chancellor was right yesterday when she criticised the Irish Government for not doing enough. The response of many EU member states including Ireland to date has been shameful.”

“We agree with the comments of the UN special representative on international migration Peter Sutherland that the Dublin convention which regulates the processing of migrants is no longer fit for purpose and needs to change. By processing refugee applications at the point of entry to the Union and then accepting a percentage allocation into Ireland we would be able to avoid having to maintain our own expensive and inhumane application process. Refugees coming to the country would be able to make an immediate contribution and would avoid the worst effects of our direct provision system.”  

“We are calling on the Irish Government to take a lead in addressing this crisis; these are our brothers and sisters, not simply swarms of migrants. It is unfair to ask a small number of states to accept unmanageable and disproportionate number of people. Our Navy has done our State proud in its involvement in the Mediterranean rescue missions. Now we must collectively play our part and open our doors as a welcoming nation to men, women and children who have suffered enough.”