8th November 2019 | Press Releases, Transport

Greens call on Minister to show leadership on cycling safety


Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD and Green Party Transport Spokesperson Cllr. Patrick Costello today wrote to Minister Ross demanding he show leadership on cycling safety and use his office to ensure protection for vulnerable road users.

Cllr Patrick Costello said:

“There are so many different agencies and state bodies involved in traffic and transport that important issues can fall between the cracks with no one taking responsibility for them. The Minister has the ultimate responsibility and needs to use his position to bring these groups together to make real changes and to stop the buck passing”.

Catherine Martin TD said:

“Eight cyclists have died on our roads so far this year. I believe that these deaths were avoidable, and we are calling on the Minister for Transport to take immediate action to prevent further fatalities.”

The letter asks the minister to:

  • Bring together representatives from Dublin City Council, the Road Safety Authority, the National Transport Authority and other relevant stakeholders to discuss and implement a safety strategy with regard to urban roads.
  • To conduct a review with regard to introducing a HGV safety permit system similar to London’s Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit system.
  • To assign departmental resources to prioritise planning and implementation of the State’s strategy to meet the key safety performance indicators (KPI) set down by the European Commissions “Vision Zero” plan for road safety.
  • To demonstrate a clear commitment to urgently increasing funding and implementation of cycling infrastructure in our cities with a clear roadmap to decreasing the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians