9th April 2020 | Press Releases

Greens criticise decision to suspend testing outside wastewater treatment plants


The Green Party spokespersons for Environment and Housing have jointly criticised the decision of Irish Water to suspend water testing in rivers and seas outside wastewater treatment plants.

Dublin South West TD and Green Party Spokesperson for Housing Francis Noel Duffy said: “The decision by Irish Water to suspend testing needs to be re-examined. We cannot allow a risk to public health at a time when our health service is extremely stretched. Regular testing of our rivers and seas outside wastewater treatment plants is our first line of defence against the contamination of our water systems.”

The party’s Spokesperson on the Environment, Limerick TD Brian Leddin said: “Testing of rivers and seas outside wastewater treatment plants is typically done by one or two person teams, and I see no reason why this essential public health work should not continue. I am calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that testing starts again immediately, in a manner that protects frontline workers as well as the wider population.”