1st October 2019 | Press Releases

Greens get all party support calling on Communicorp to reverse radio ban on journalists from The Currency and the Irish Times


Last month management at Communicorp wrote to staff asking them not to invite journalists from a new Irish media outlet, The Currency, on to any of the group’s stations. This follows a similar ban on Irish Times journalists contributing to radio stations owned by the company.

Today the issue was raised in the Dáil where agreement was reached to send a letter to Communicorp asking them to to reverse their decision.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan said:

“I got support from all ten groups and parties in the Dail to co-sign a letter asking Communicorp to reverse their ban on journalists from these two media organisations.

“To protect public debate in this country we need to allow all commentators with an interest and knowledge about current affairs to be heard.

“This type of censorship is corrosive. People should not be banned from national radio purely because of who their employer is.

“I welcome the support of the Taoiseach and of all the other party leaders.  We hope to send our letter before the end of the week and will await with interest the response of the company.”