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6th June 2019 | Climate Change, Environment

Government Plans Fail as Emissions Set to Grow


Following the Publication of the EPA report on Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions, Green Party Councillor and spokesperson on Climate Change David Healy said:

“The publication of this report by the EPA forecasting an increase in overall emissions by 2030 compared to current levels of between 6% and 10% is a shocking indictment of this Government’s attitude to Climate Action. It is actually worse than we had feared it would be. The Government has claimed it wants to be a leader in tackling climate change but again and again, the facts prove that we are still laggards. Today’s predictions are a further blow to our international reputation and an embarrassment among our EU colleagues.

“Following the Dáil declaration of a climate and biodiversity emergency, it is long past time for the Government to show that this declaration is not merely symbolic. We need to make the fundamental changes in transport, agriculture, housing, and energy policies which the Green Party has been calling for for thirty years. Further delay will not only contribute even more emissions to the atmosphere, but it will make the process of transition more difficult.

“The projections also show that the cost of non-compliance with EU non-traded sector targets in 2020 is expected to be €250million. The cost in 2030 is expected to be in a range between €1billion and €2.5billion. (These are conservative estimates which assume EU carbon prices are at their current level of €25/t.)”

Full text of EPA report available here.