12th June 2017 | Uncategorised

Greens in water quality warning


Bathing bans implemented in Dollymount and Sandymount over the weekend

The Green Party said today that urgent action must be taken to address issues with Dublin’s waste water treatment systems, following the implementation of bathing prohibitions in Dollymount and Sandymount Strands over the weekend. The ban remains in place in Sandymount. In periods of heavy rain, rain water and raw sewage are not separated. This causes pollution when flooding occurs.

Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “Water quality failures threaten public health, tourism and the environment. Bathers are at risk of skin irritation and illness if exposed to pollution in these areas. Tourism is a huge driver of the economy in coastal areas, and must be protected. The Government must show greater urgency in tackling the problem of water quality.

Green Party Local Representative for the Clontarf area, Donna Cooney said: “This is of major concern and needs to be fixed, we can’t risk having sewage in our bathing water whenever there is heavy rain. I, like many Dubs, swim regularly in the sea. Warm weather is set to return on Wednesday, and we fear tourism could be negatively affected by these water quality issues.

“Flash flooding is becoming more common and unpredictable as the weather associated with the effects of climate change. Our sewage and drainage systems need to be ungraded extensively to deal with this reality. Bathers, the local economy and the local environment will suffer if we don’t.”