7th December 2018 | Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

Greens Join Climate Protestors in Saying ‘Enough is Enough’


Protestors Occupy Department of Communications, Marine, and Natural Resources in Direct Call for Action

The Green Party joined in solidarity with environmental activists and protestors outside Leinster House this afternoon to tell the government that enough is enough when it comes to climate inaction.

The Green Party, together with other political parties and environmental NGOs, gathered outside government buildings to demand that immediate steps be taken to pass the urgent legislation required to tackle the problem of climate change.

Several pieces of legislation have recently been put forward in an effort to tackle the problem of climate change, including the Green Party’s own Waste Reduction Bill and Just Transition Bill, as well as People Before Profit’s Climate Emergency Bill, and Sinn Féin’s Microgeneration Bill. Protestors today called on the Government to quit stalling and pass these Bills as a matter of urgency.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD addressed the gathering: “Something is changing. The issue of climate change has been there for thirty years, the issue of extinction and biodiversity loss has been there for fifty, but in the last few months the reality of it seems to be coming home to people. The tide of public perception is turning and we have to rise with it.

“Looking after nature is looking after ourselves – all of us. It involves everyone and it happens everywhere. There are no jobs on a dead planet, but the solutions we seek will create the economy we seek – a just economy, not one that simply seeks growth for growth’s sake and profit for the quarter as the key metric for success.

“I’m very glad that we are concentrating here today on the specific pieces of legislation that could be passed in the next six months if we set our mind to it. This Dáil, in however many months it may have left, should set about that task.”

Following the address outside Dáil Éireann, protestors made their way to the Department of Climate Action and Environment and are currently occupying the lobby of the building, demanding that legislation be passed and implemented as a matter of urgency.