21st January 2020 | Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environment

Greens Launch Biodiversity Policy


Tuesday, January 21st: The Green Party today launched its Biodiversity Position Paper in Bull Island, Dublin.

Speaking at the launch, Eamon Ryan TD, Green Party Leader and Dáil candidate for Dublin Bay South said:

“We need to tackle the biodiversity and climate crises together. This crisis is urgent. In the last fifty years we have lost half of all our wildlife. We are dependent on our natural resources for our very future.”

“Green policies will benefit both the environment and our communities – We need a strong Green voice in the next Dáil to address the climate crisis.”

Biodiversity Policy

Cllr Caroline Conroy, General Election candidate for Dublin North-West said:

“We have worked with local initiatives about reducing single use plastic in our area. Unfortunately, either these plastics end up in landfills or in the ocean which is then digested by fish and leads to micro-plastics in our food chain. It’s very frustrating that the Government continues to blame the consumer. A lot of people feel guilty about their usage of single use plastic. This shouldn’t be the message. Action needs to be taken from the top down through legislation. Recycling is great but it’s not the answer. We need to target plastic usage at the source, at production level.”

Cllr David Healy, Dáil candidate for Dublin Bay North said:

“We need to make room for nature. Countless numbers of species are going extinct. 50% of the marine area needs to be protected. We also need to develop a national land use plan to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and to use land more productively. To do so we need stronger state infrastructure and resources. The National Parks and Wildlife Service is woefully underfunded.”

Councillor Healy continued:

“Half of our emissions are being sucked up by nature. Nature is doing a lot of work in reducing our climate impact and needs to be respected. Peatlands are the great terrestrial carbon store. It’s vital we store the carbon in the bogs and we need to rewet them.”

Eamon Ryan TD concluded:

“With changes in the common agriculture policy Europe is moving towards a green deal. Farmers need to be paid to help restore biodiversity, improve water and air quality as well as provide high quality food. This a huge opportunity and the future for Irish farming. We will guarantee that Irish farmers are paid properly while restoring nature.”

“We need to act now while before we reach the tipping point and changes in our climate become unmanageable.”