6th October 2020 | Education, Press Releases

Greens: Mistakes in the Calculated Grades cannot be brushed under the carpet


Green Party Spokesperson for Education and Higher Education, Senator Pauline O’Reilly, welcomed the announcement from the CAO today that offers arising from correction to Calculated Grades will be made this Thursday. However she made several recommendations.

Senator Pauline O’Reilly said that;

“Swift action has been take to put additional places on offer, on top of the 5000 extra college places this year. However, there can be no doubt that the errors have been a further blow to many young people, who have had a tough year. They had the expectation of sitting a leaving cert for which they had studied, before the rug was pulled from under them with the cancellation of the Leaving Certificate. Following this, they had uncertainty around how their grades were to be calculated. I realise that no system can replicate the Leaving Certificate and that a great deal of thought and work went in to what was felt by the Department to be the best alternative. However mistakes in putting this in to action have been made.”

“We cannot simply brush this aside. A number of further actions are required.”

“Firstly it is important now to assess whether more needs to be done for the young people impacted. Secondly, an investigation in to how much responsibility lies with the coding company must be carried out. Thirdly, I firmly believe that inequalities that exist in the education system have come to the surface through this process and we must look at the future of Education in Ireland so that all children can have equality in the years ahead. To this end I have recommended that the government move ahead with the promised Citizen’s Assembly on Education in the Programme for Government.”