21st August 2018 | Childcare, Press Releases

Greens: Parents, not Minister Ross, best placed to decide on childcare for their families


The Green Party today called on the Government to pay childcare subsidies directly to parents who stay at home to care for children, saying that parents were best placed to decide on their childcare options, not Minister Shane Ross.

Reacting to the news that the Independent Alliance were proposing a ‘Granny Grant’ for grandparents who mind children, Green Party Spokesperson Pauline O’Reilly called for the Government to support all childcare choices.

Speaking today, she said: “Parents want flexibility when it comes to caring for their children. Many use grandparents as childminders, but likewise many young families have a parent staying at home to care for children. Whether a family pay for crèches, pay childminders or forgo a salary themselves to stay at home, it all costs money. Why are the Government not recognising all forms of childcare?

“We would approve of a system similar to Finland where crèches are subsidised directly, but for the remaining families who use stay at home themselves or choose a childminder or grandparent, the subsidy goes directly to the parent. 70% of families have a parent caring at home, according to the CSO, and all of these families are struggling with mortgages and rents. Are they not deserving of more support too?”