16th January 2020 | Housing, Press Releases

Greens say injuries to homeless man highlights gravity of housing crisis


The Green Party has accused Fine Gael of passing the buck on the horrific incident that left a homeless man with life-changing injuries in Dublin on Tuesday afternoon.

Green Party spokesperson Cllr Neasa Hourigan, Group Leader for the Greens on Dublin City Council and Dáil candidate for Dublin Central said:

“My thoughts go out to the injured man and those close to him at this time. It beggars belief that An Taoiseach passed responsibility for this incident on to Dublin’s Lord Mayor. This incident highlights Fine Gael’s inability to appreciate the gravity of the housing crisis, which has led to a doubling of homelessness over the last five years. We need to improve support services to those who are experiencing homelessness, but more importantly we need to build homes. As housing lists lengthen, and as the number of children who are experiencing homelessness quadruples, it is time to give people a permanent roof over their heads.”

Cllr Patrick Costello, General Election candidate for Dublin South Central said:

“It is unacceptable that people progress from the street to a hostel, then perhaps to a hotel, followed by a homelessness hub, and if they are lucky on to a more permanent home many years later, or not at all. Single adult males often do not even have these options.The lesson from Finland and the lesson from Austria is that we need to provide housing first: permanent homes, instead of perpetuating a cycle of despair. Fine Gael’s political ideology has blinded them to the scale of the crisis. It is time for a change of Minister, and a change of Government.”