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6th January 2020 | Climate Change, Press Releases

Greens welcome Climate Action Bill but warn a new National Development Plan is needed


Commenting on the news of a draft Climate Action Bill, Green Party Climate Spokesperson David Healy said:

“The Green Party welcome the press release that a draft Scheme has been prepared and we look forward to discussing it at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action.

“Ireland faces the challenge of decarbonising at a rate of 7 or 8 % a year, which is three or four times faster than currently planned.  This will require a stronger all-of-government Climate Action Plan and a completely different National Development Plan reflecting the new ambition.

“A good start would be an immediate shift in electricity generation from coal and peat, which will give immediate emissions reductions.

“We also need major changes to transport, agriculture and land use, and housing policies which need to start now. They will start to deliver emissions reduction in the medium term. These include:

  • agricultural policy which fully incorporates climate policies with restoration of biodiversity under a new land use plan, with a less but better approach to livestock agriculture;
  • transport policy focussed on public transport walking and cycling, which requires an immediate revision of the National Development Plan;
  • effective financing and delivery arrangements for the retrofit of the housing stock.

“We must also immediately start on the changes which will deliver emission reductions in the longer term, in the transition to a zero carbon, circular economy.”