4th December 2018 | Climate Change, Environment, Local Government, Press Releases

Greens Welcome Publication of New Dublin City Council Climate Action Plan


Last night, Dublin City Council agreed on a new Climate Action Plan for the city. The plan, which Green Party Cllrs Claire Byrne and Ciarán Cuffe have been working on for some time along with Codema and Dublin City Council, will be published in January and undergo a significant public consultation process.

Cllr Claire Byrne: “One of the first things I did when I was elected in 2014 was to ensure that a new climate change plan would be developed for Dublin City. The previous plan had not been updated since 2009 and now, almost ten years later, we are in an even more precarious place in terms of the impacts of climate change on a local level.

“For the last three and a half years, myself and Cllr Ciarán Cuffe have co-chaired a subcommittee to deliver a new plan. Last year we published the first cross-council climate change plan, which involved the four Dublin local authorities. Since then we have been working with Codema and Dublin City Council on a new Dublin City Climate Action Plan and it was agreed by Council last night to put it out to public consultation in January 2019.

From the outset, we have pushed for a high level of citizen engagement, as this will be key to the success of the plan. I am therefore delighted that there will be a series of local meetings and a large-scale event in the Mansion House in February, which can only further strengthen the plan. In the absence of any real urgent action on climate change at a national level, it’s great that we can take some action at a local level to make Dublin City climate-ready.”

Cllr Ciarán Cuffe: “Tackling climate change is the key issue of our time. This plan will help us tackle the emissions caused directly and indirectly from Dublin City Council, including street lighting, council buildings, and fleet management, as well as council-owned housing. However, this covers less than 5% of the emissions in the Council’s operational area. The real challenge therefore is for Minister Bruton TD to tackle the 95% of emissions that are not under the direct control of the Council. We await his detailed plans in this regard.”