15th February 2019 | Climate Change

Greens welcome referral of Shannon LNG case to European Court of Justice


Construction of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal is only feeding our addiction to fossil fuels, says Senator Grace O’Sullivan.

Friday 15th February: The Green Party today welcomed the High Court’s referral of a judicial review of the decision to grant permission for the Shannon LNG project to the European Court of Justice. Speaking following the decision, Green Party Senator and European candidate for Ireland South Grace O’Sullivan said:

“Today’s High Court referral to the ECJ is welcome, however it’s more clear than ever now that this project was ill-conceived from the beginning. Moving ahead with such a large-scale facility locks us into dependence on outdated and dangerous fossil fuels for another generation. It seriously undermines Ireland’s commitment to achieving emissions reduction targets, targets we already know that we’re going to have to pay large fines for missing.

“Only last month, the Taoiseach spoke of the “clear and present danger” that climate change represents to Ireland and the world; he made a stirring call to action, invoking the Irish dedication to international cooperation and rightly articulating the enormous risk that failure to act will have on our ability to attract foreign direct investment.

“Clearly, the Government’s rhetoric on climate action is only that – spin. The Shannon LNG plant alone, by locking us in to accepting natural gas from places like the fracking fields of North Dakota, makes a total mockery of the Government’s aspirations on climate.”