31st July 2020 | Climate Change, Press Releases

Greens welcome Supreme Court ruling in historic Climate Case


The Green Party has welcomed the finding by the Supreme Court that the National Mitigation Plan does not comply with its legislative remit under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015. The court ruled that the Plan lacked specificity and transparency in how its objective of transitioning to a low carbon economy by 2050 would be achieved. The case was brought by Friends of the Irish Environment.

Green Party MEP for Dublin, Ciarán Cuffe said: “I am pleased with this judgement. The Chief Justice Frank Clarke has stated that the Plan falls a long way short of the sort of specificity which the law requires. Clearly the Government must now go back to the drawing board and draft a detailed plan which maps out how it intends to comply with our obligations under European Law. 
Clear actions are needed now to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This requires changes in what we farm, the energy we use, the way we travel and how we heat our homes. The road ahead is not easy, but we must make changes now to reduce Ireland’s contribution to climate change.”

Green Party Cllr for Cabra/Glasnevin Darcy Lonergan, who campaigned on behalf of the group, said today: “When we packed the courthouse over a year ago, I never dreamed we would get a unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court. It’s not only a win for the climate, but for persistence and dedicated campaigning.”
This is a historic, cross-generational win. We know we need to listen to the science and have robust plans in place, so this will not only shape how our policies and laws are made but will help provide a mechanism to hold decision makers to account when plans fall short. I look forward to working with the Green Party and all parties in the Oireachtas to ensure we get a climate plan that is fit for purpose.”