9th October 2018 | Housing, Press Releases

Harmful Budget for Tenants


Today’s budget will push rents up even further and do nothing for security of tenure or housing standards for tenants, the Green Party has said.

Reacting to the budget, Green Party housing spokesperson, Cllr Ossian Smyth, said:

“At a time when rents in Ireland have never been higher, the government has decided that what is needed is a tax break for landlords and a massive increase in rent subsidies through HAP.

“Both of these measures will increase income for landlords while raising rents for tenants. Not a single extra home will be built as a result. The minister could have provided tax relief for tenants, he could have given better security of tenure with incentives for longer leases. He could have required that landlords make their properties pass minimum standards before being eligible for HAP. He could have spent the tax break money on actually building homes.

“But no, he chose to make large payments of tax reliefs and subsidies to landlords that will inflate rents even further. This is the perverse result of Fine Gael’s failed tax break approach to housing.

 “The minister’s own projections show that housing construction spend is planned to be below the level of 10 years ago. Most of the extra money going into housing will go in payments to landlords and developers in the vain hope that this cash will trickle down to tenants.”