18th November 2019 | Transport

How many other routes could be 24-hour with proper investment? – Greens


Green Party Transport Spokesperson Patrick Costello said:

“I want to welcome the movement to a 24-hour bus service on two routes in Dublin, but we really should be asking ourselves how many other routes should have around the clock service?

“This service is essential for workers who do late shifts or work early but the need is not confined to Dublin Airport or along the number 15 route. Not only is it important for workers but it would significantly improve the night-time economy in Dublin city.

“The Green Party are calling for 24-hour services to be rolled out on more routes. The party are advocating for a switch in the transport budget 2 to 1 in favour of walking, cycling and public transport away from roads. This is the kind of funding change that will allow for that major increase in bus services that are needed to really lower our transport emissions and get the city functioning properly.”