2nd April 2020 | Coronavirus, Press Releases, Rural

HSE needs to extend advertising to local media – Greens


The HSE should extend their advertising campaign on COVID-19 to local media to maximise the reach of their public health campaign, according to the Green Party.

Brian Leddin TD, Green Party spokesperson for Communications, said:

“The HSE took multiple full-page adverts out in the national papers over the weekend. However there has been no equivalent purchase of advertising in many local papers. We need to remember that local papers and radio are the primary source of information for many people, especially in rural areas.”

“My fear that at this point many local papers and radio stations around the country are likely to close as advertising revenue has plummeted. Local journalists have been doing a fantastic job of taking the public health advice and giving it a personal, local and accessible slant. We need to contribute to keeping these papers and radio stations going and keeping staff in them employed.”

“We need to make sure everyone is getting the message about staying at home and social distancing. Local media is popular and we need to support it as best we can. There will be a long-term impact on communities if they lose their trusted and locally-accountable news sources,” concluded the Limerick City TD.