19th March 2020 | Green Gazette

Introducing Francis Noel Duffy TD


Francis Noel Duffy TD is one of our new Green TDs. Francis has been an advocate of Green politics for over a decade, and served on the South Dublin County Council from 2014 to 2020. Professionally, Francis is an architect and a former lecturer in the Dublin School of Architecture, TU-Dublin. Using his professional experience, Francis campaigned for holistic and sustainable policy, most notably in the construction and transport sectors. Francis also worked on an ambitious policy to extend the Metro to the south west of Dublin. 

As Housing and Planning Spokesperson, Francis is determined to develop strong policy that will alleviate the housing crisis and improve our standard of living, using sustainable planning methodology. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 will change the way politics and government work in Ireland. For this reason, Francis has advocated for a national, non-partisan government to provide joint leadership during these unprecedented times.