7th May 2020 | Green Gazette, Green Party News

Introducing Marc Ó Cathasaigh TD


Marc Ó Cathasaigh is TD for Waterford, where he was elected in 2020. Prior to this, he was a Councillor on Waterford City and County Council since 2019, serving the Waterford City West and Tramore local electoral area.

Marc has been involved with the Green Party since 2015. He became chair of the Waterford branch in 2016 and served as Election Agent to Grace O’Sullivan in her GE campaign in that same year. He was also a founder member of the Waterford Cycling Campaign during that time, and had been an active member of the Waterford Triathlon Club for many years before that. As a Councillor, he was a member of the Council’s Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Environment and Biodiversity and the Joint Policing Committee, as well as serving on boards for the Waterford Cultural Quarter, the Waterford Heritage Forum and Garter Lane Arts Centre. Before being elected as a TD, he was a primary school teacher in his home town of Tramore.

As Spokesperson for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Marc will work to translate the social democratic values underpinning into real and tangible measures to improve the quality of people’s lives. All our citizens must have a basic threshold in their standard of living below which they should not fall, and this social contract will become all the more important in the face of the transformative changes we face in both our economy and our society. In facing up to the challenges of climate breakdown, we must ensure that the transition to a low-carbon economy is a Just Transition, and that we protect our must vulnerable in that process of change. We must value all forms of working, including caring, and enable people to engage in forms of work that bring meaning to their lives.