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22nd May 2017 | Uncategorised

Ireland named and shamed by EU environmental NGOs over fossil fuel subsidies


Government must begin to transition away from fossil fuel subsidies in a fair manner

Ireland was today named and shamed at the Fossil Fuel Subsidy Awards ceremony in Brussels, hosted by a coalition of European environmental NGOs, for the Government’s continued commitment to subsidising the burning of peat for electricity generation.

Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “The naming and shaming of the Government by European NGOs is just the latest in a string of environmental embarrassments for the Fine Gael-led Government. It is clear that when it comes to tackling climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy that the Government are clueless.

“We need to shut down peat power stations as soon as possible, but the Irish midlands must not be allowed to become like the US and UK ‘rust-belts’. The Bord na Mona announcement in relation to the Littleton factory is a prime example of how not to manage this process and clear evidence of why we need Government to provide well-ordered, long-term plans to justly transition these affected areas and workers to a low carbon economy. The end is coming for fossil fuel employment, and we cannot risk creating an economy where people are left behind. Communities cannot be abandoned in the move to a low carbon economy – the transition must be just as fair as it is fast.

“We reiterate our calling for the remains of the PSO levy for peat until 2019 – €120m a year – to be re-directed into a fund that will pay for the re-training of workers over the next few years and providing job transition supports in the midlands. The Government needs to supply the midlands with viable, vibrant jobs in the green economy led by workers in the peat-plants and their communities.”


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