29th January 2020 | Brexit, Press Releases

Irish Green MEPs pay tribute to departing colleagues as European Parliament votes on Brexit Withdrawal Deal


Green Party MEPs Ciarán Cuffe and Grace O’Sullivan will today vote with their colleagues to approve the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in the European Parliament. The Parliament will this evening debate the terms of the UK’s departure from the European Union, culminating in a historic vote which is expected to pass. It will mark the final stage of the ratification process, ahead of the UK’s exit on 31st January.

Dublin Green MEP for Dublin, Ciarán Cuffe said: “The UK’s departure from the European Union is a significant loss. We now enter a period of complex and challenging trade talks. Any move away from EU standards has the potential to be hugely damaging to both the UK and Ireland, and we will strive to ensure that there is no significant divergence in environmental or social standards.

“At a personal level it is a sad time as we lose many close friends and colleagues from the Greens and other political groups in the European Parliament, but we shall work hard to maintain contact, and work together, albeit at a distance, on issues of common concern.”

Green Party MEP for Ireland South, Grace O’Sullivan said: “We will vote yes to the Withdrawal Agreement today with very heavy hearts. Resolving Brexit has only ever been about minimising the amount of damage done to the EU, to Ireland and to the UK itself. As we say goodbye to our British colleagues in the Greens/EFA group, we are also committing to do what we can to maintain these strong links into the future, and to protect the rights of UK citizens in Europe, and EU citizens in the UK.”