15th October 2018 | International

Irish Greens Celebrate as ‘Green Wave’ Sweeps Across Europe


The Green Party has hailed the success of their colleagues in Bavaria, Luxembourg, and Belgium after an historic weekend in both local and national elections, which saw Green parties make significant gains in all three regions.

In Luxembourg, the Greens won nine seats in the national parliament (an increase of three seats), while in Belgium the Ecolo/Groen Party registered historical gains in local elections, winning several local councils and placing second overall in the federal parliament with over 16% of the vote according to projections. Perhaps the most stunning result of the weekend came in Bavaria, where the Greens look set to take over 17% of the vote, making it the second largest political force in Southern Germany.

Green Party Leader, Eamon Ryan TD: “The results across Europe this weekend indicate a genuine appetite for Green politics as a fresh and credible alternative to both the status quo and the cynical populism of the far right.”

Green Party Spokesperson for Transport and Cities, Cllr Ciaran Cuffe: “The success of Green candidates in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany offers huge encouragement as we approach the European parliamentary elections next year. The desire for change is there and the Green movement have shown that you can win the hearts of minds of the people by appealing to hope instead of fear and hate.”