3rd July 2019 | Press Releases, Waste, Water

Irish Water need to come clean and give total transparency on pollution into Dublin Bay: Greens


Green Party Councillor for Dun Laoghaire Ossian Smyth said:

“The public shouldn’t have to rely on photographs from drones to find out that sewage is spilling into Dublin Bay.

“Irish Water needs to come clean about every overflow event. We need to know when, where and how much waste water is going into out bathing water. We have people and clubs out swimming all year round and it is totally unacceptable that people are swimming in these waters.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise to Irish Water or any city planners that Dublin’s wastewater system needs to be upgraded. The population has been increasing for many years now and there has not been the necessary investment in infrastructure. Dublin needs a fit for purpose waste water facility but until that happens we need total transparency from Irish Water on what is happening in our bay.”