8th November 2019 | Climate Change, Justice, Press Releases

Just Transition needs to be more than just a pay-out it needs to provide a future for communities – Greens


Responding to the news that the ESB are to close two peat-powered generating stations, Green Party Senator Pippa Hackett warns the government that better planning is needed to help communities impacted.

Senator Hackett said:

“Everyone knows that we need to stop burning peat – it is one of the highest carbon emissions of any fuel source. So why are we only now worrying about the impact on the workers and communities.

“Today is a devastating day for these workers and their families. We welcome the fact that they hope to avoid compulsory redundancies and that a Just Transition Commissioner has been appointed but providing a Just Transition means more than just moving people or giving a pay-out. It needs to be about supporting the community where it is and giving people a future there. That’s why we need a permanent Just Transition Commission looking for and working with communities that are facing a change and building alternatives where they are.

“It’s all well and good having a Just Transition fund, but we really need to know precisely how these monies will be spent, what kind of training will be provided, and what jobs will be created in this region to secure future for these workers.”