30th October 2018 | Animal Welfare, Press Releases

Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween Night


The Green Party is advising pet owners to be extra vigilant as Halloween approaches.

Green Party Spokesperson on Animal Welfare, Pippa Hackett: “There are some simple steps that pet owners can take this Halloween to make sure their pets stay safe and as stress-free as possible.

“Halloween can be an extremely testing time for your pet. They should have somewhere safe and secure to hide, preferably indoors. Outdoor pets should be brought indoors or into a secure shed, so that they are shielded from any loud bangs or flashes.

“There is usually an increase in the numbers of stray and frightened pets at this time of year, and this puts extra pressure on animal welfare groups, dog pounds, and veterinary clinics. We commend the dedicated work undertaken by the many animal welfare groups in the country, many of which rely on volunteers and the goodwill of the public to operate.

“If your pet should run away, contact your local animal rescue centre as soon as possible – they may rescue your pet into their care. Ensuring that you have your pet micro-chipped as a permanent form of identification will greatly increase the chances of your pet being found, should they get lost or stolen.

“Halloween festivities can cause distress to larger animals including horses and farm animals, so their welfare also needs to be considered.

“Our wildlife too can be put at risk, particularly by fire and smoke. It is important to check all wood, scrub, and leaves for hibernating hedgehogs before lighting any bonfires.

“We also call on the Government to ensure that the laws that exist in relation to animal welfare are applied and enforced this Halloween. If you witness an animal being subjected to cruel treatment, please notify your local Gardaí immediately and contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or report online here.

“Education is vital, and that is why the ISPCA and the Green Party have been calling on the Government to introduce modules in animal welfare into the primary school curriculum. We would not only be teaching our children important skills when it comes to looking after their pets, they would also be learning moral values which will stay with them throughout their lives. Please show your support by signing the online petition here.”