10th December 2018 | Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

Latest Climate Report Shames Our Country


Lack of a coherent climate policy leaves Ireland last in Europe on climate action

Ireland has been ranked the worst country in the EU when it comes to climate action. That’s according to the Climate Change Performance Index, which placed Ireland 48th out of 56 countries worldwide and classed our performance on Greenhouse Gas Emissions as very low.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD: “Our ranking at the bottom of the Climate Change Performance Index shames our country. The fault lies with our Government. The worst rating among the fourteen national indicators for Ireland was due to the lack of a coherent national climate policy.

“Restoring our reputation will require a new National Energy and Climate Action Plan which replaces the Project Ireland 2040 plan. This should include a new Land Use Plan which commits us to a new future for Irish farming, forestry, and nature conservation. It should promise a radically different transport system which promotes walking, cycling, and public transport ahead of new road construction. We also have to divest from fossil fuels and switch to using our own renewable energy supplies.

“The only thing holding us back is a lack of leadership in Dáil Eireann. That has to change. The Green Party will work with all parties to try and build a new consensus for climate action here. If we can get agreement on the basic building blocks of our new plan, we will restore our reputation. Doing so will ignite a new economy which helps build our sense of community. Everywhere and everyone matters in making this transition. It is time for us to play our part as a country. It can be done.”