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21st May 2019 | Local Government, Press Releases

Local elected Mayors good move for the future of democratic-led local government: Greens


The people of Cork City, Limerick and Waterford have the opportunity this Friday to elect a local Mayor to represent them.

The Green Party supports this pro-democratic and pro-local government move that would give the public a local voice and significant support in securing more interest and investment to the city of Cork and the city-counties of Limerick and Waterford. The party says the plebiscite on May 24th offers a chance for local government reform and a belief in the future of Cork city, Limerick and Waterford.

The proposal will add democratic accountability and leadership to the running of local government in the three cities. It will mean that candidates for mayor will stand on a single vision for the entire city and will be challenged with the delivery of that vision over the 5-year term.

Benefits of the local elected mayor:

  • elected by the people, the voice of the people
  • direct accountability
  • political leadership
  • generate interest and investment
  • build on consistent 5-year vision plan
  • city council retains powers over approving budget

Oliver Moran, Green Party candidate for Cork City North East and Spokesperson of Political Reform said:

 “The greatest challenge this campaign has to overcome is a sense of ‘anti-politics.’ Decades of austerity politics. The abolition of town councils. The stripping of local government of its powers. People no longer having a sense of the potential of local government. Or expect the worst of it. And anyone who can see the potential sees the very low base we’re starting from.

“And yet that’s exactly the reason I’m sticking in this fight. Because we’re pro-politics. And for the first time I can remember, we have a proposal to actually invest in local democracy. To give people power. To have accountability.

“It’s a chance. The chance for something better. To believe in the republic. To have hope for local government. And hope is worth fighting for.”

Indeed, ‘the chance for something better’ is at the core of the Green Party, and so the party is leading a strong Yes campaign for this plebiscite and is encouraging the people of Cork City, Waterford & Limerick to vote YES on May 24th.