11th May 2021 | Foreign Affairs, Press Releases

Loss of life in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can no longer be ignored


Statement from Senator Vincent P. Martin, Green Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs

Commenting on the current unrest in East Jerusalem, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Senator Vincent P. Martin said,

“This is an extraordinary obscenity and it is deeply offensive for the Israeli security forces to turn a mosque on a holy site in Jerusalem into a battleground. The totally disproportionate and aggressive military response from the Israeli security forces can only serve to fuel tensions and provoke further violence. However meeting the Israeli response with further violence will not resolve this crisis.

“The UN Security Council, the EU, US President Joe Biden and all democracies must use their collective influential voices to call out such aggressive, provocative acts and insist that same will not be tolerated.”

Senator Martin commended the Irish Government for issuing a much needed and forthright statement yesterday when Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney T.D. described developments as “shocking and aggressive”, “which triggered a response right around the world for many countries who are deeply uncomfortable with what they are seeing”