3rd September 2020 | Blog post

Marc Ó Cathasaigh TD on his new role as Green Party Whip and work on the Sustainable Development Goals


The Dáil has returned this week after one of the shortest recesses in history. With the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and the worries surrounding the reopening of schools, the Green Party felt it was crucial that the Dáil sit at this time and address the country’s concerns. After pushing for an early recall, we were happy to be able to start discussing and exploring these issues in the Convention Centre on Wednesday.

I was delighted this week to be confirmed as Green Party Whip and Assistant Government Whip, and I look forward bringing a new level of communication between the three Government parties in the new term. I believe I can play my part in making those structures work better and to improve those lines of communication. We need joined-up thinking and coherent action between parties and departments to most effectively steer our way out of the current health and economic crises.

We also need communicate better within the party. The Covid-19 crisis and the speed of emergency legislation during the last Dáil term made communication difficult, but we are working on addressing these issues. We need to communicate effectively with our membership from the top down and  bottom up, and make sure everyone has the information they need in a timely manner, know what their representatives are working on and understand why they are voting in particular ways.

As we settle into the new term, I’m also looking forward to continuing my work in making the UN Sustainable Development Goals central to the work of the Oireachtas committees. Following a proposal put forward by my office, consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals will now be worked into the standing orders of each of the committees within the Oireachtas, ensuring they check with the department what progress has been made and how effective that will be. There’s an old adage that you measure what you care about and you care about what you measure and thanks to our work, measuring and reporting on our progress will be central to each committee’s mandate.

Marc Ó Cathasaigh TD
Green Party Whip and Assistant Government Whip