13th June 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Minister of Health needs to treat ingestion of plastic as a public health issue: Greens


The Green Party/An Comhaontas Glas has called on the Government and the Minister of Health to treat the ingestion of micro-particles of plastic as a Public Health Issue. This is following the recent WWF report that people may be ingesting up to 2,000 particles of microplastics each week, which is the equivalent of a plastic credit card.

Green Party Health Spokesperson, Dr Séamus McMenamin, stated: “The Government has been keen in recent weeks to highlight their so-called ‘green’ credentials. Our own Green Party microbeads bill was blocked by the current Government who said they would introduce their own bill, which we have yet to see. They need to urgently progress this bill for the safety of all”

The amount of plastic has been likened to the equivalent of eating a credit card every week, a fact which worries Dr McMenamin: “The health effects of ingesting plastic have been a concern for a while but what is more worrying still is the efforts of Government to block attempts to legislate for this known risk. Failure to legislate for this will be viewed in years to come as a public health disaster.”