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24th October 2018 | International, Press Releases

Nature Knows No Border: Green Party Hosts Brexit Environmental Land Rights Briefing for TDs and Senators


The Green Party of Ireland/Comhaontas Glas will host an information briefing in the Oireachtas AV Room From Civil Rights to Land Rights: Stories from a Dirty Border and a Dirty Brexit with land and environmental rights activists from Northern Ireland this week.

The Green Party of Ireland/Comhaontas Glas have been asked by a number of Northern Irish land and environmental groups to host this event to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of Brexit on Northern Irish and Border communities. This briefing will give you an opportunity to meet and learn from ordinary people living on and across the border dealing with these issues.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD and Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs: “One thing we can all unite in is that everyone of the Island of Ireland deserves access to clean water, air, and quality food but yet even these fundamentals and ways of life are under threat with a perfect storm of issues. Particularly in border counties where there has long been a lack of real environmental regulation leading to illegal dumping and quarrying, they are now facing an onslaught of planning applications for dangerous activities.”

Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan and Spokesperson on Environment, Marine, and Natural Protection: Things are bad, but if we lose EU protection in the event of a no-deal Brexit then they will get much, much worse and the whole of this small Island will suffer from it. We are helping ordinary communities to reach out to friends and politicians in the Republic of Ireland to say that Nature Knows No Border.

These people are travelling to Dublin to tell their stories and we ask Oireachtas members, journalists, and stakeholders to please come along to hear four short stories from those already living with the realities of a dirty Brexit.”

The Green Party/Comhaontas Glas will host the briefing at 11am on Wednesday 24th of October 2018 in the Oireachtas AV Room. There will also be a protest outside the Dáil at 12:30 on the same day with artists dressed as the Children of Lir on stilts to highlight how a new motorway is carving its way through Lough Beg – home to 22 protected species including the iconic Whooper Swan of the Children of Lir.