25th September 2019 | Health

New Dublin runway will damage health of local communities – O’Brien


The new Dublin airport runway will see roughly 15,000 extra people (5,000 homes) impacted by noise which will effect their health and well-being.

Green Party Councillor and recently announced Dublin Fingal byelection candidate Cllr Joe O’Brien has highlighted the noise and health impacts of the new airport runway for new areas of Swords, Malahide and Portmarnock.

The new noise maps which reveal the future impact have been made available as part of the public consultation on the Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan (LAP) and Variation of the Fingal Development Plan.

Cllr O’Brien said

“The new noise zone maps recently published by Fingal County Council show that the noise from the flight pathway of the new runway will have a very significant impact for residents of south Swords, most of Malahide and now all of Portmarnock. Primary among these are the health impacts. All these areas are in a zone where noise levels are expected to have a negative impact on health especially more vulnerable people such a the very young and our older community members.

“The key point is that Fingal County Council would require noise insulation in a planning application for a new home in these areas once the second runway is opened. However crucially for residents already living in this zone there is no noise insulation scheme to offset the negative impacts the new runway will have on their quality of life and their health. I have asked the Council to publish a list of estates, streets and roads within this new noise zone and more detailed maps. The Dublin Airport Authority needs to dramatically expand its noise insulation scheme.

“The new noise zone maps were published as part of a consultation process for a new Local Area Plan for the airport. While we hear a lot in the LAP about the wider economic impact and even some references to the wider climatic impact of the airport, there is no detail on the wider health impact of the airport and the new runway. This is a key shortcoming considering that one of the purposes of the LAP is to protect public health. I feel the importance of public health in Fingal is being relegated and ignored in the process of trying to make the airport bigger.

“I also think we are already beginning to see the paradoxical and potentially compromising situation that Fingal County Council is in. The rates income of Fingal County Council is heavily dependent on DAA, there will be upcoming pressure from DAA on Fingal to loosen flight restrictions for the new runway and at the same time Fingal is expected to be wholly impartial in its new Airport Noise Regulator role.”