6th August 2019 | Press Releases, Transport

No investment in electric charge points since 2016 shows lack of leadership from Minister Ross: Greens


Minister Ross must dramatically increase investment in public charge points if we are to speed up the switch to electric vehicles.

No new electric car charge points have been introduced by the ESB since 2016, this shows total lack of foresight and flies it the face of recently announced plans for a major electric car roll out by 2020.

Green Party Spokesperson for Transport Cllr Patrick Costello said:

“This is a failure of leadership by the Minister for Transport.

“The Greens are pushing local solutions, like building charge points into public lighting. There are lots of agencies involved and we need someone to bring them together to ensure cooperation. That is the role of the minister, but he seems to be missing yet again.

“We need ministerial leadership to drive it through.

“While some infrastructure is needed to support electric vehicles, we also need to remember that the major changes we need to see to make our cities more liveable is to move away from the car being the dominant mode of transport.”