29th January 2019 | Climate Change, Press Releases, Waste

No need for Fine Gael to delay dealing with plastic crisis: Greens


Launch of ‘major review’ into how Ireland can cut down on plastic is just time wasting, says Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

If this Government is serious about tackling waste it should support the Green Party’s Waste Reduction Bill and start having an impact now.

The Green Party bill would ban some of the worst single-use plastic items and implement a deposit and return scheme for bottles.

Eamon Ryan, Green Party Leader, said:

“If the government need figure out how a deposit and return scheme for bottles they can look at the many, many, examples across Europe and the US. Some of them have been working effectively for decades. It is disingenuous to suggest implementing these policies need a ‘major review’.

“This is yet another example of Fine Gael working hard to sound like they care about the environment while doing absolutely nothing.

“Action like this against plastic is about creating a new type of economy that doesn’t rely on throwing everything away. This new economy will embrace a circular model where things are made to last and repaired. Ireland stands to gain a lot from this new way of doing things and government policy should promote it.”