8th November 2019 | Press Releases, Transport

Now we are at ‘peak car’ can we please invest in public transport?


Following comments from transport expert Dr Sarah Rock stating we have passed ‘peak car’, Green Party Transport spokesperson Cllr Patrick Costello is calling on the government to switch investment to walking, cycling, and public transport.

Cllr Costello said:

“Government transport priorities are all wrong.

“The current transport strategy is leading us down a dead end. With reports of research showing young people abandoning car ownership it is imperative that the government now invest in public transport, cycling, and walking in a real way.

“Right now, we fund roads to public transport about 2:1, that ratio needs to flip, with public transport and sustainable transport getting the lion’s share.

“In recent months this government has announced a number of major road projects, yet there is not a single new public transport project being planned.

“Just like on climate, young people are leading the way and the government is falling behind. If people are moving away from cars we need to follow their lead and investment in public transport – both urban and rural, as well as cycling and walking to meet the growing demand”