23rd April 2020 | Direct provision, Press Releases

Ombudsman report underlines need to move away from Direct Provision – Greens


Responding to the Ombudsman’s Report on Direct Provision Update for 2019, Green Party Justice Spokesperson Roderic O’Gorman TD said:

“The Ombudsman’s report is more evidence that the current system of Direct Provision is inhumane, inefficient, and a drain on public expenditure.

“The concerns raised by people living in Direct Provision are basic: access to schools, transport, and food. Direct Provision is failing to meet even those basic needs, and it is doing so at significant cost to the public finances.

“Both the Green Party and NGOs have long advocated for a capital investment approach, providing independent living and personal space. The report notes that such a move could save €45m per year over the current system.

“It would provide better value for money, but more importantly, it would allow us to ensure all those who come to Ireland seeking protection, are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness”