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Barry O’Donovan

Candidate for Killaloe

My vision for Killaloe

I want to help build a truly resilient Clare, where we can thrive in the face of whatever challenges we meet going forward. I wish to see our environment and our communities recognised and respected as the bedrock of our prosperity. I want to be part of a society where our rights and our responsibilities are given equal value and priority.

What I stand for

I believe we need to be bold and imaginative in our ideas, and to be inclusive and caring in our actions. We need to work together regardless of our differences, identifying common goals and finding common ground because the future does not belong to any of us, but to all our children.

My priorities

    • We need efficient and affordable housing for all of our community. We need to build new homes and to retrofit current houses to the highest standards available. We need to ensure that infrastructure and services are available where these homes will be built.
    • The transition to a sustainable future will have both impacts and benefits. I will work to ensure that the next County Development Plan will be focused on sustainable policies whilst supporting those who will be impacted by the changes in how we will live and work.
    • We need to value and listen to our farming communities, to recognise the real costs, physical, emotional, environmental and financial of the food that we eat, to work together to identify options and solutions and above all to plan for a sustainable future together.
    • Our public transport system is focused on large urban centres. We need to improve the connections into and between our towns and villages. Safe footpaths, cycle-ways and more transport options will make it easier for us all to participate in our local economy and community.

My experience

With a background originally in aerospace and more recently in network engineering, I understand that it is vital to look at all the interactions between various systems. Nothing that we do in life stands alone and I wish to use my experience to help identify the converging paths to a sustainable and equitable future.