Catherine Joseph

Local Area Representative
A woman with dark brown hair, Catherine Joseph, stands in front of a church.
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I want to serve and represent ethnic minority groups and, by extension, all the good people of Longford.

Social justice, equality and inclusiveness, sustainable development, and green solutions that aims at building and preserving a safe world for our future generations. I see the many growth potentials in Longford ranging from its multicultural strength to the many vacant lands and abandoned buildings that could be transformed to expand the hospitality sector by attracting tourists which leads to revenue generation. The vast vacant lands can be developed to entice investors for onward infrastructural development and job creation.

I believe if efforts are invested for a better public transport system, increased clean renewable energy, support base for farmers and businesses with an inclusive policy for everyone, Longford will be on the forefront as a community leading charge in the efforts of tackling climate crisis in Ireland.

My priorities

Creation of jobs and promoting local businesses.

Creating awareness of green Innovations and Sustainable Tourism.

Support disadvantaged communities.

Promoting equal and inclusive environment for everyone.

Support migrants to effectively Integrate into the Irish society.


Originally from Benue State of Nigeria, I settled in Ireland 9 years ago. I took keen interest in the Irish Culture and learned all about the rich cultural heritage of the Irish community after studying Tourism in Drogheda Institute of Technology. I also hold a Degree in Hotel and Leisure Management from AIT. I have worked here in Ireland over the years as a waitress, care assistant and customer service assistant. I'm also known as a vociferous political activist and founder of Ethnic Minority Hub – Ireland.

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