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Cissy Nayiga

Candidate for Westport

My vision

My vision for Westport is that as a councillor I can connect the people to their Council. I want to be a advocate for the environment, sustainability and to ensure that our communities can enhance, rather than damage our local biodiversity.

What I stand for

I would like to see better support for older and disabled people to help them live independently in their own home.

My priorities

    • Support for fair trade and ethically sourced goods throughout Westport.
    • To balance the effects of climate change we need to preserve the trees we have by trimming rather than chopping down, and planting more trees.
    • More flowering plants for insect pollinators, which are essential for agriculture.
    • The Council should stop routine application of pesticides and weed killers such as Roundup.

My experience

I grew up in Nakifuma Country, Mukono District in Uganda East Africa, and now live in Westport. Currently I am studying at Carlow IT doing a degree in Social Care. I am also a full time care assistant.