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Claire Keating

Candidate for Limerick County

My vision for Limerick County

The next government faces the challenge of adapting to our worsening climate while protecting our homes, health, & careers. The solutions exist, like retrofitting homes for renewable heat, replacing coal power stations with renewables, using anaerobic digestion to turn farm waste into renewable gas. We just need the political will to get it done.

What I stand for

Limerick has been left behind by successive governments. Yet we keep electing TDs from the same civil war parties – and we’ve never had a woman TD for Limerick County. We don’t need “same old” again. It’s time for a new approach.

My priorities

  • Transport – outside Limerick city, you need a car to travel, which is fine for some people but not for everyone, especially the young, the elderly, and people with disabilities. We need better transport services, so that everyone can get around.
  • Health – the issues at UHL are clear but also there aren’t enough local GPs, there’s not enough support for mental health, and there isn’t enough funding for care supports for vulnerable people to have a safe place after leaving hospital.
  • Housing – there’s a lot of vacant and derelict houses all over county Limerick, including some being kept empty by red tape. We need to restore these homes, and make our towns and villages more liveable.
  • Farming – we need to protecting local farmers’ incomes, through the climate crisis and Brexit. We’d like to see farmers paid for those services. There’s other new income possible as well, such as new forestry, and producing biogas from anaerobic digestion of farm waste.

About me

Claire is a small family business owner, working in Newcastle West. For the last five years, she has been one of the organisers and the main spokesperson for Limerick Against Pollution, the campaign against waste incineration in Limerick. A Croagh native, she would be the first ever woman TD for Limerick County.