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Cleo Murphy

Candidate for Kerry

My vision for Kerry

I want an Ireland where we can generate more of our own energy, produce more of our own food, and provide affordable homes for all. I want to see simple, sustainable living where we fulfill our potential for entrepreneurship and creativity, while enjoying quality recreation to balance our work and maintain our mental and physical health.

What I stand for

I stand for social and environmental consciousness across all policies, and an economy that is mindful of the human and ecological cost of its activity.

My priorities

  • Sustainable Transport: We need frequent, affordable public transport across the country to lessen our dependency on cars. We need cycle paths to get to work, get to school, and simply get out for a recreational cycle.
  • Warmer Homes: We need grants for retrofitting houses so that we use less energy to heat our homes and use renewable sources to generate it.
  • Resilient Communities: We must equip our communities to withstand economic and social challenges. Getting our commercial, community and cultural sectors working together is what creates resilience.
  • Food Security: We need to encourage diverse food production at a local level so that we are less vulnerable to imports and global fluctuations.

My experience

As former journalist with Radio Kerry and The Kingdom, I’ve seen firsthand what concerns the people of Kerry. Having grown up in a B&B in Kenmare, I fully understand the benefits of tourism and small business to the community life of Kerry. In my current role as a family carer, I know the importance of community services in supporting vulnerable people in our society.

Latest activities