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Cleo Murphy

Candidate for Kenmare

My vision

The Ring of Kerry is a place where we protect our magnificent environment, and thrive on a healthy tourism business…a place where food producers, farmers and craftspeople make a living…and where digital workers revive our small towns communities. Above all, a place where we nurture our children and care for our elderly.


What I stand for

Simple, sustainable living where we fulfill our potential for entrepreneurship and creativity, while enjoying quality recreation – music, sport, festivals, and art – to balance our work.


My priorities

  • To encourage a healthy tourism economy on the Ring of Kerry.
  • To revive our towns with co-working spaces and digital employees.
  • To ensure quality care for our children, senior citizens and vulnerable communities.
  • To avail of European funding for local projects.


My experience

As former journalist with Radio Kerry and The Kingdom, I know what concerns the people of Kerry. I spent years reporting on meetings of Kerry County Council and driving around the county making radio documentaries about our heritage and way of life.
Having grown up in a B&B in Kenmare, I fully understand the importance of tourism and small business to the family and community life of the towns on the Ring of Kerry. Furthermore, I recognise the need to preserve the natural resources that underpin this life – clean water, fresh air, good soil.
As a freelance writer and media producer, I see potential in remote working for breathing life into the communities of South Kerry and I want to see the Council driving and supporting this trend.

Latest activities