Daniel Dunne

Councillor for Dundrum

My vision for Dundrum

I want to see a strong, safe and connected community in the Dundrum area, where everyone gets a chance to flourish.

What I stand for

I stand for universal access to the basics of life, such as health, housing and education. I stand for using new technology to help us live in balance with the planet.

My priorities

    • Affordable housing for middle and low-income families.
    • More security and better protections for tenants.
    • More investment, to create efficient and accessible public transport for all, and safe conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.
    • Better supports to help people transition to solar energy and energy efficient homes.
    • Safe green spaces for our children.

My experience

I hold a 1st class honours MA  in European Studies, and a BA in Politics. I have 20 years experience in marketing, advocacy and digital communications. I have campaigned on a range of issues for over 30 years, with a focus on international development cooperation.