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David Morrison

Candidate Palmerstown-Fonthill

My vision

I believe in a Palmerstown, Fonthill and Lucan area that are fair, accessible and affordable for every person who lives here. I want our families to live in a more community focused and sustainable area; a vibrant place built for people. I can bring a new, fresh voice to South Dublin County Council.

What I stand for

I stand for investing in communities – working to ensure that they are well planned, sustainable and have space for all. I believe that Green policies can deliver true equality, more time with the people we care about and comfortable, affordable homes. It’s time we demanded the quality of life we all deserve as citizens and residents.

My priorities

  • Dublin needs quality public housing – We need to build more good quality, affordable homes, for all ages and incomes. Yet there is very little building happening, either public or private. My fellow Green councilors and I will change this.
  • We need affordable, reliable transport – as many people in Palmerstown, Fonthill and Lucan commute for work and school, we need to support public transport, cycling and walking. This will not only help us spend less time in traffic and more time with our families, but also make our area cleaner and accessible.
  • Families need childcare support and facilities, and investment in education, particularly supporting kids who have special educational needs. I’ll also protect and improve what green space we have now and work to deliver more pitches, parks and open space.
  • Dublin needs to face up to climate change – We need proper climate action and we need just transition for workers in companies and residents that are impacted when we move to a greener future.

My experience

I’ve worked in Dublin, Paris, Osaka and Brussels for local government, the EU, the UN and as a small businessperson. I’ve seen first-hand the little bits of public policy that can make a city more livable. I’ve campaigned for keeping our food safe and high quality, for protection when we’re online and EU investment in public housing and transport. I am also an emergency, disaster and conflict worker and am currently deployed to South Sudan working on famine relief.