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Eamon Ryan

Green Party Leader and Teachta Dála for Dublin Bay South

My vision for Dublin Bay South

Imagine a Dublin with better planning provisions and housing solutions, with an integrated world class public transport system and where a Mayor and City Council have real powers to make the city work.

What I stand for

We need to look at real solutions to the problems that we face and work constructively to bring about the change we need. Our motto is “think globally, act locally” inspired by a belief that looking after nature goes hand in hand with looking after each other.

It has to start with a long-term vision for our city. I stand for a Dublin that is designed around people and the environment.

I stand for a Dublin where good education and skilled work are available for those that seek it, where people can afford to rent or buy a house, where access to an efficient and reliable public transport system is guaranteed and where cycling and walking are also a viable and healthy option for people getting in and out of the city centre.

My priorities

  • To bring forward radical and innovative solutions to the problems that our city faces, from the cost-rental model of public housing to demanding 20% of the capital transport budget being spent on walking and cycling infrastructure and pushing for a Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin.
  • To represent my constituents and Green Party members across a spectrum of issues, from helping with local issues to representing them in the Dáil on national and international issues.
  • To make Dublin one of the most sustainable, social and creative cities in the world.

My experience

I currently represent the constituency of Dublin Bay South, covering areas of the city such as Dublin 2, Dublin 4, Dublin 6 and parts of Dublin 6W. I previously served as TD for Dublin South from 2002 to 2011, and was Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources from 2007 to 2011.

I was founding chairman of the Dublin Cycling Campaign, and before entering politics ran two successful business, Irish Cycling Safaris and Belfield Bike Shop. I am married to writer Victoria White and have four children.

Latest activities

4th September 2020

Green Party welcomes long-awaited Waste Action Plan

3rd August 2020

Green Party Leader pays tribute to John Hume

27th June 2020

Meet your new Green Ministerial Team

26th June 2020

Green Party membership approve entering government

30th April 2020

Green Party Spokespeople

23rd April 2020

Green Party response to the Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael joint framework document

2nd April 2020

Green Party nominees Pippa Hackett and Pauline O’Reilly elected to the Seanad

31st March 2020

Greens call for all-island approach on restricting air and sea travel to contain Coronavirus

16th March 2020

A statement from Green Party Leader on government formation

2nd March 2020

Pauline O’Reilly, Pippa Hackett, and Saoirse McHugh are Green Party nominees for the Seanad

16th February 2020

Greens invite parties to bilateral meetings to discuss how a new government could deliver on housing, healthcare and climate

5th February 2020

‘Who is going to listen to the science?’ – Greens

3rd February 2020

Eamon Ryan calls on RTÉ to include Greens in Final Leaders’ Debate

28th January 2020

Green Party meet IFA to discuss future of Irish Farming

21st January 2020

Greens Launch Biodiversity Policy

20th December 2019

Success of Dutch climate case should be a lesson for Irish policy-makers

4th November 2019

Taoiseach’s comment on ‘benefits’ of climate change undermines meaningful action

1st November 2019

Greens welcome the election of Pippa Hackett to the Seanad

24th October 2019

The Government’s Climate strategy is not working and has to radically change

17th October 2019

Green Party statement on the Brexit deal

11th October 2019

Northern Ireland referendum may be the best way of getting consent for any Brexit deal – Greens

11th October 2019

The truth behind the headline

8th October 2019

Budget 2020 won’t ‘move the dial’ on climate breakdown – Greens

3rd October 2019

Budget 2020 must begin a decade long strategy for a carbon neutral Ireland – Greens

3rd October 2019

Use a public plebicite in the North rather than an Assembly vote to confirm any Brexit deal – Greens

1st October 2019

Greens get all party support calling on Communicorp to reverse radio ban on journalists from The Currency and the Irish Times

1st October 2019

Forestry must change to tackle climate change, restore nature, and support communities – Greens

23rd September 2019

Government should detail how they will use carbon tax funds – Greens still favour socially progressive carbon dividend

18th September 2019

Ireland needs strong supports for communities impacted by the move away from fossil fuels – Greens

2nd September 2019

Forestry model has to change to tackle both the biodiversity and the climate crises

28th August 2019

Greens call for early return of the Dail to debate the evolving Brexit crisis

23rd July 2019

Time to deliver a Just Transition is now: Greens

17th June 2019

Climate Action Plan Lacks System Change Needed to Tackle Crisis – Greens

13th June 2019

Dáil recognises the need to revise National Development Plan to tackle climate breakdown

6th June 2019

Greens welcome ESRI research on carbon tax

28th May 2019

Fine Gael insincerity on Climate Action exposed as drilling licences granted

10th May 2019

End ‘gesture politics’ and follow the climate emergency declaration with ACTION, say Green Party

8th May 2019

Greens secure Dáil vote on climate emergency declaration

8th May 2019

Obvious savings can still be made in the delivery of the National Broadband Plan: Green

2nd April 2019

Facebook must adhere to European Regulation rather than self-regulation: Greens

28th March 2019

Green Party Leader reacts to the conclusion of the Climate Action Committee Report

26th March 2019

Putting MetroLink south on the long finger is the wrong decision: Greens

13th March 2019

What are Sinn Féin and PBP doing opposing progressive climate measures?: Greens

5th March 2019

Government failure on climate demonstrated again by latest renewable energy report: Greens

26th February 2019

Irish Water must come clean on what is happening in the Ringsend waste water plant: Greens

22nd February 2019

We need to alter not abandon southside MetroLink: Greens

15th February 2019

Greens hail children taking back their futures

13th February 2019

Event notice: Local Election Launch

6th February 2019

Green Party launch a Bill to cut the impact of cancer-causing radon gas and improve rental housing standards

5th February 2019

Green Party calls for the immediate restoration of the Northern Assembly

4th February 2019

Delaying climate action over Brexit will make things worse not better: Greens

30th January 2019

Support our nurses to build a better healthcare system, say the Green Party

29th January 2019

No need for Fine Gael to delay dealing with plastic crisis: Greens

23rd January 2019

Green Party launches Achill islander as Midlands-North-West European Candidate

15th January 2019

Fine Gael heavy spin on climate change can’t hide this government’s pitiful record: Greens

3rd January 2019

Green Party welcomes the Taoiseach embracing our proposal to give carbon tax ‘back to households’

19th December 2018

Minister Creed is being misleading by claiming the new fish quotas are based on scientific advice, says the Green Party

18th December 2018

Fine Gael have shown themselves to be utterly irresponsible by killing the climate bill, say the Green Party

10th December 2018

Latest Climate Report Shames Our Country

7th December 2018

Greens Join Climate Protestors in Saying ‘Enough is Enough’

6th December 2018

Google Reveal Referendum Political Advertising Spend

5th December 2018

EPA Stats Show We’ll Have to Pay €60 Million to Cover Our Excess Climate Emissions in 2017

28th November 2018

Greens Seek Cross-Party Consensus on Carbon Tax

26th November 2018

Greens Seeking Greater Transparency in Online Political Advertising

21st November 2018

FG Agrees to Green Proposal for Carbon Tax and Cashback, Asks Other Parties if They Will Agree

16th November 2018

Time to Rise Up and Defend Our Planet

15th November 2018

Green Party Leaders on Brexit “Least Damaging” Deal

14th November 2018

Greens Welcome Commitment for a Dáil Debate and Vote on Brexit Deal

9th November 2018

Irish Tech Sector at Risk Over Government Inaction on Climate Change

7th November 2018

Greens Seeking ‘Just Transition’ to a Climate-Friendly Economy

24th October 2018

Green Party Welcomes EU Move to Ban Single-Use Plastics, Calls for More Action at Home

24th October 2018

Nature Knows No Border: Green Party Hosts Brexit Environmental Land Rights Briefing for TDs and Senators

23rd October 2018

Green Party Calls on Government to Support Waste Reduction Bill

17th October 2018

Greens Express Dismay at Bord Pleanála Decision to Refuse College Green Plaza

11th October 2018

Greens Demand Answers After Naughten Resignation

9th October 2018

Fine Gael ignore climate change in a pre-election budget which has no long term vision for our future

4th October 2018

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan Demands Transparent Debate on National Broadband Plan

4th October 2018

Green Party Launches Pre-Budget Submission

27th September 2018

Green Party Endorses President Michael D Higgins for Second Term

25th September 2018

Greens Will Vote No Confidence in Murphy

19th September 2018

Fine Gael forget about Dublin as Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford get to vote for their own Mayor

11th September 2018

Trump Protest Cancelled

28th August 2018

Dublin Housing Occupation is an Important Moment of Civic Action

20th August 2018

Ryan: Fine Gael’s ‘Green Week’ campaign is laughable

30th July 2018

Green Party disappointed with rooftop solar scheme

18th July 2018

Greens: Social media business model has to change

17th July 2018

Ryan: Government can’t greenwash UN update on SDGs

13th July 2018

Byrne: Poolbeg Incinerator expansion unacceptable to the local community

11th July 2018

Ryan: New Oireachtas Climate Committee should have central role in drafting National Energy and Climate Plan

4th July 2018

Taoiseach’s remarks on Irish media reveal a dangerous attitude

12th June 2018

Cuffe welcome publication of BusConnects plan

31st May 2018

Healy: No surprise in EPA emissions projections

28th May 2018

Ryan: New EU plastic waste rules exactly match Waste Reduction Bill

26th May 2018

Referendum result ‘a dignified, compassionate revolution’

24th May 2018

New EU report lays bare Government inaction on climate change

21st May 2018

Greens urge voters to turn out for a Yes vote on Friday

16th May 2018

Continuing water quality issues threaten tourism, public health and the environment

15th May 2018

Action at EU level the only way to end bloodshed in Palestine

14th May 2018

Greens welcome Ireland 2040 climate case

10th May 2018

Greens propose MetroLink connection for South-West Dublin

9th May 2018

Google advertising ban ‘internationally significant’

8th May 2018

Greens welcome Facebook restrictions on foreign advertising

20th April 2018

Green Party call for Yes vote to repeal the 8th Amendment

18th April 2018

Greens welcome Citizens’ Assembly report on Climate Change

17th April 2018

Facebook spurned warnings from Irish Data Commissioner two years before Cambridge Analytica scandal

10th April 2018

Greens call on Naughten to back more ambitious EU climate targets

10th April 2018

Ryan to question Data Protection Commissioner on INM data breaches

6th April 2018

Minister for Housing has questions to answer over Poolbeg SDZ social housing appeal

5th April 2018

Poolbeg to Sandycove coastal cycle route should proceed as part of new flood defense plan

28th March 2018

Greens welcome UK deposit refund scheme announcement

21st March 2018

Facebook and DPC to be quizzed over Cambridge Analytica scandal