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Eoin Daly

Candidate for Dundalk and Carlingford

My vision

With its people and landscape Louth can be an example of how we can face the environmental challenges ahead, without sacrificing social or economic growth. Whether it’s our expanding Greenways; research at our Institute of Technology; or companies harnessing our renewable energy, the seeds are here for us to grow a legacy we can be proud of.

What I stand for

I believe in efficient public service provision; sustainable economic growth; and the strength of our local communities in resolving issues that we face today. Whether it be Brexit; housing and homelessness problems; or issues with our health service, I know that in coming together we can overcome any problems we face.

My priorities

    • As we face the international problem that is Brexit, I am focused at a local level to ensuring that there is no disruption to the communities and businesses of County Louth.
    • I am committed to alleviating of the current housing crises by the intervention of our local authorities through the construction and provision of sustainable housing for those most in need of it.
    • People have not only a right to a home but also a right to feel safe in that home; to this end, I will work to provide our communities, both rural and urban, with a level of policing and safety that we all deserve.
    • I will work to promote the research, development and use of renewable technologies in our area for both domestic and commercial customers with our educational institutions and the introduction of community-based schemes.

My experience

Dundalk has always been my home and my family worked hard for various community organisations, instilling a strong sense of pride; caring, and community in me growing up. On finishing school, I trained as a Sound Engineer before going on to work in theatres around the country, including our own Táin Theatre. In 2010, like so many, I found myself without work and so returned to study Engineering in DkIT. On graduating I went to work as a Post-Graduate Researcher in DCU in the field of Wastewater Engineering. Throughout my career, I have seen in our people artistic creativity at its best and the strong technical ability that we need for the 21st Century. I strongly believe that working together we can solve many of today’s problems and will work to the best of my ability to facilitate this.