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Grace O’Sullivan


My vision

My overarching vision is for a fairer, more equitable Ireland, where the most vulnerable in society are given top priority in all political decision making.

What I stand for

I stand for access and equality of opportunity. As a mother and ecologist I want my three children to grow up in an ecologically sound country that will recognise their various abilities and be a safe and secure place to live. I want all people, whatever their ability or background, to have a reasonable expectation of a living wage and a roof over their heads.

My priorities

My number one priority is people and the well being of society in general. If we are thriving as individuals, the country, too, is healthier.

  • “Your health is your wealth” is more than a catchy adage. Human health and the health of the environment underpin our ability to survive and are a priority for me.
  • I want to see housing policy and property development that puts the needs of people first – a core principle in providing a decent quality of life for all.
  • Prioritising the protection of the natural world – air, sea, and land – whilst creating sustainable, green jobs for life.

My experience

I’m a mother of three, an ecologist, and an environmental education specialist. I’m a former Greenpeace activist, a former Irish surf champion, and a green entrepreneur. Having grown up in Tramore, Co. Waterford, I’ve been a lifelong nature-enthusiast and environmentalist, with a particular love of the sea. Two years ago I was honoured to be elected as a member of Seanad Éireann. Since entering the world of politics I have worked within committees and on the ground in a number of key areas with an ecological and human dimension to them, tackling environmental and social issues head-on, with passion and dedication.

Latest activities

28th November 2019

Green Party MEPs welcome European Parliament declaration of Climate Emergency

14th November 2019

Green Party MEP’s welcome European Investment Bank decision to phase out funding for fossil fuels

24th October 2019

Plastic pollution in our seas is an ecological disaster and we need more action to stop it at source – Greens

10th October 2019

Sweden have stopped an LNG terminal – time for Ireland to follow suit – Greens

19th September 2019

Green Party expresses serious concern at Irish Cement incineration licence

23rd August 2019

Reject Mercosur unless Amazon and Irish farmers can be protected – Greens

19th June 2019

Green MEPs respond to European Commission’s recommendations on Ireland’s draft National Climate and Energy Plan

8th May 2019

Greens secure Dáil vote on climate emergency declaration

30th April 2019

Time to take action on oceans in peril: Green Party MEP Candidate Senator Grace O’Sullivan

24th April 2019

Human dignity at shocking low with treatment of bodies at University Hospital Waterford: Green MEP candidate Senator Grace O’Sullivan

23rd April 2019

Reform Foreshore Licencing says Green Party MEP candidate

17th April 2019

Irish MEP greenwashing laid bare in voting report: Senator Grace O’Sullivan

5th April 2019

National breast cancer screening programme should be widened: Greens

21st March 2019

Ireland needs to examine gun laws in wake of New Zealand tragedy: Greens

5th March 2019

Green Party moves to limit election posters

22nd February 2019

STOP THE FELLING: Green Party call on Minister Madigan to intervene to stop the surge of tree felling happening across the country

22nd February 2019

Protecting Ireland’s biodiversity needs more than lip service, it needs serious investment: Greens

20th February 2019

Not allowing Coast Guard volunteers to use their emergency lights could lead to loss of life and needs to be addressed: Greens

17th February 2019

THE GREEN WAVE Green Party launch European campaign

15th February 2019

Greens welcome referral of Shannon LNG case to European Court of Justice

13th February 2019

Event notice: European Election Launch

4th January 2019

Government plans to ban single use plastics is another example of grandstanding on environmental issues: Greens

19th December 2018

Green Party call on government preserve transport link between Rosslare and France in the context of Brexit

4th December 2018

Plastic Plant Planning Decision a Huge Step in the Wrong Direction

23rd November 2018

Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill Passes Final Stage in Oireachtas

16th November 2018

Time to Rise Up and Defend Our Planet

15th November 2018

Green Party Leaders on Brexit “Least Damaging” Deal

7th November 2018

Greens Seeking ‘Just Transition’ to a Climate-Friendly Economy

31st October 2018

Government Position on Offshore Drilling Yet Another Step in the Wrong Direction

30th October 2018

WWF Report Offers Yet Another Stark Warning for Our Planet

24th October 2018

Green Party Welcomes EU Move to Ban Single-Use Plastics, Calls for More Action at Home

24th October 2018

Nature Knows No Border: Green Party Hosts Brexit Environmental Land Rights Briefing for TDs and Senators

17th October 2018

Greens Welcome Cabinet Approval of Long Overdue Microbeads Bill

4th October 2018

Green Party Launches Pre-Budget Submission

11th July 2018

Ryan: New Oireachtas Climate Committee should have central role in drafting National Energy and Climate Plan

14th June 2018

Greens renew call for ban on microbeads following NUIG report

24th May 2018

Green Party motion to protect oceans passes in Seanad