Islammiyah Kadejo

Local Area Representative
Galway Greens
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'SHE Impacts' is my mission to Support, Help, Empower and Impact positive transformation in people and sustainable development in my community. These are my priorities and values.

I stand for social justice, equality for all, sustainable communities, and being a voice of the marginalised. I feel strongly about equal opportunity housing, energy credit and retrofitting. I am championing a model called Rural Proofing, which places the needs of rural people at the centre of national policy making. I want to push for youth development and better town centres for Tuam and Headford.

My priorities

To build on the Town Centres First policy for Tuam and Headford.

To address vacancy, dereliction and defective housing.

To be the voice of ethnic minorities, marginalised and disadvantaged groups to build our community while ensuring effective rural proofing.

Community gardening and allotments for health and well-being, especially for older women; with maternal and childcare support for mothers.

Using Community Radio to promote youth engagement in creative arts and sports.


Originally from Nigeria’s Gateway State, Abeokuta, I’ve lived in Galway for the last 11 years and raised my family here. I am a social entrepreneur and media executive, and I have worked for 20 years as a social justice advocate, migrant activist, and community development volunteer in both Nigeria and Ireland.

I am a member of Headford Smart Village Interim Steering Committee, and I feel strongly about maintaining Headford demesne and creating better places for all to live, do business, work, learn, play and visit.

My background is in broadcasting, gender, globalisation and rights. I am known as a vocal migrant leader. I convene the annual Women's Roundtable to empower and create safe spaces for women. I sit on the Galway Civil Society and Equality Panel, served on the Secretariat of Galway City Community Network, and have been volunteering in different capacities across groups and organisations.

In 2019, I founded Amdalah Africa Foundation (AMDAF) and in 2021 I founded GOCOM Radio – Ireland's first ethnic minority and marginalised groups' interest multilingual community radio. I am blessed with an amazing and supportive husband, wife, and 3 kids growing and learning to be compassionate, hardworking and kind. My core values are Passion, Empathy, Integrity, Loyalty and Love.

Leinster-based Green Party Councillors

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